St James Church is committed to supporting missions financially and prayerfully around the world. We give from the money we receive regularly, and also hold special fundraising events, such as table top sales, raffles etc.

Each year we give to two main causes, the first is to the Christian charity; Transform Europe Now (TEN). TEN support Christians all over Europe – they are currently involved in over 80 projects in 15 countries across the continent, responding to specific needs, such as homelessness in Russia, providing medical assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina and providing hot food for vulnerable elderly people in Romania. More information on the work TEN is doing can be found on their website:

The second cause we support annually is an Orphanage in Nepal, which is known to us by one of our congregation members. This orphanage has been running for a long time, but has recently had to rapidly expand due to the natural disasters that have hit the area. The number of children housed at the orphanage has risen significantly while also sustaining structural damage itself.

For more information about the work being done in Nepal, please see the Operation Nepali Child Facebook page.

We also endeavour to give money as needs arise around the world – for example this may be in reaction to a natural disaster. Whenever this happens this will be clearly stated in church and on the website.

If you would like to give money directly to any one of these causes, you can do so via church. Just pop your donation into an envelope clearly marked with which cause you would like the money to go to and place into the collection plate or give to a member of the mission committee.

In addition to this, any loose money collected at any of our Christmas Services is donated to local Charities, nominated by the congregation. For details of the charities supported this year, please see the newsfeed.