We continue to need funds to assure completion of the work on St James and to purchase other essentials such as the chairs.

We recently received notification of a 20K award from Garfield Weston, however removing some of the loose plaster prior to preparing the walls for decoration has revealed some cracks which will need some work, which will require some extra funds to fix. We therefore need to continue our fantastic efforts for fundraising, thank you so much to those who have taken part in this so far either by providing fundraising activities or supporting them. Hopefully we are having some fun along the way! We continue to be open to any regular or one off donations, speak to Roger Long if you are able to help with this.Also we have had some offers of loans from individuals towards the work and this is also a way of helping us see the project to completion, again do please speak to Roger if you would be able to help in this way.

Finally please can we pledge to daily commit our project, both our financial need and also thankfulness for what has already been achieved to the Lord. Also to begin to ask God to show us the ways he wants the building to be used when we receive it back to use.

PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR REORDER PROJECT Specifically, pray for a loan will be accepted, and quickly, that other grant applications we have made will be successful, that the project will not be delayed in a costly way.

Thank you – Teresa