St James has been supporting the food bank at Resound – the latest shopping list is as follows:

“Please no more – soup, beans, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, tea, hot chocolate, rice (sweet & savoury) couscous, dried pasta and pasta sauce in sachets and all forms of soap for the moment – but we do need the following –

Unisex deodorant, tinned fruit, small tins of meat, wrapped biscuits (ie penguins, kitkat), microwave and tinned sponge puddings, cat & dog food (wet or dry), fruit juice, coffee- 100gm jars, 2-in-1 shampoo, smash- sachets, boxes & drums, tomato ketchup, tinned green/broad beans. Thank you”

If you would like to give any items to the food bank, there is a box at the back of church for donations. Once full this will be taken over to Resound for distribution. More about the Food Bank can be found here: