It might be difficult to believe but knowledge of the Christmas story is fading.

When a group of 5-7 year olds was surveyed it was found that 36% didn’t know whose birthday was celebrated at Christmas and 72% didn’t know Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Among adults it was found that less than 12% know the full nativity story and 51% say that the birth of Jesus is irrelevant to their Christmas. This last figure represents a tipping point. Unless we actively share the Christmas story Christ will continue to be written out of Christmas.

If Christ is being written out of Christmas – let’s put him back by sharing the Christmas story so it’s heard and loved.

One of the ways you can share the Christmas story is by buying and giving a Real Advent Calendar.

The ‘Real Advent Calendar’ is a high quality fair trade chocolate advent calendar which tells the true meaning of Christmas.

It comes with a free activity/story book to help children engage with the Christmas message each day of advent.
Sales of the calendars over the past 4 years have raised over £54,000 for Kenyan charities, Traidcraft Exchange and The Children’s Society. This year donations will be made to The Funzi and Bodo Trust and Traidcraft Exchange.
Calendars cost £3.99 – Terrie will be placing a bulk order by 31st October (to take advantage of a free delivery offer). Information and a sign up sheet are at the back of church. Any questions please do ask.
For more information see the Real Advent Calendar website: