Magazine Lead Article April 2016

As I write we are into our second week of Easter Experience at St James. So far over 840 children and their staff and many accompanying parents have come and walked the journey.

What better preparation, for those of us taking part, for Easter, reflecting and reflecting and reflecting again on the events of the last week of Jesus’ life. Many of the children approach it with such freshness, indeed for some it is the first time they may have heard it, or the whole correct version, and as the impact of the story begins to impinge the depth of its true meaning is revisited by those guiding them through. One child exclaimed at one of the stations “Wow, you’ve done this good!”

This year the reaction of the crowd and Jesus’ followers has significantly come to life. A crowd that in one breath shouts “hosanna!” and in the next “crucify!”, of a disciple, Peter who promises never to disown Jesus and then does, three times and another Judas, who has followed Jesus so closely and then sells him to the Romans for a small bag of silver.

A poem “Good Friday” by Elizabeth Rooney goes like this:

If I’d been there,

would I

have cried out,



but I would have looked

the other way –

just as I do today.

How do we look the other way? That is the all-important question and maybe like Peter our initial response is “No I would never disown you”

and then metaphorically speaking the cock crows loud and clear…….for we are simply human and that is why God sent Jesus, the reason for Jesus coming into the world is as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago, quite simply to be able to forgive us the wrongs we will inevitably do.

But that is not the end of the story, after Jesus’ death comes resurrection and the sending of the Holy Spirit. God doesn’t expect us to “go it alone”

God yearns for a relationship with us that, because of Jesus, now stretches into eternity.

Perhaps this Easter we should all exclaim to God “Wow, You’ve done this good!”

Wishing you all a joyful and blessed Eastertide!