Quest Holiday Club is happening this week! Tuesday – Friday 10am till 12.15pm.

We will be busy decorating the Church Hall on Monday in readiness for the arrival of at least 40 children on Tuesday! This is still church just in a different way and we will be following in the footsteps of St Paul. The 10.30am service on Sunday 16th, which will be held in the Church Hall, will be a celebration of all that has happened at Quest and EVERYONE is invited to come along and share in this time of worship.

We will also be having lunch together afterwards which will be an opportunity for you all to get to know some of the children and families that have been part of this adventure.

Sally Sibley 07733256372


£175.05 was raised on that day. Many thanks to all who supported it with their time, talents and money.


£187.00 has been sent to Christian Aid from St James Church. Thank you


Table Top Sale and Brunch

Saturday 12th September

10.30am-1.00pm in the Church Hall

In Aid of the Orphanage in Nepal


Saturday 15th August @ 2.00pm Ford/Castlecombel with tea. Meet in the car park opposite the church Contact 9560635

The Collect (special prayer) for Tenth Sunday after Trinity

Lord of heaven and earth, as Jesus taught his disciples to be persistent in prayer, give us patience and courage never to lose hope, but always to bring our prayers before you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


If you would like confidential prayer for yourself or others, please put a request in the box by the cross at the back of the church. (The forms for this are on top of the box).

Please ensure that I receive anything you wish to be included in the notices by Thursday lunchtime at 41 Blackhorse Rd. Telephone 9560328 or email Many thanks – Pat (Dale)

We continue to pray for all those known to us who are unwell at this time, perhaps it may be a family member, a friend or a member of our family here at St James. We pray especially today for *Shirley Boxall, Richard Capp, Sonia Fleet, Sue & Paul Godwin, Sheila Harris, Jill Holt, Joan & Roy Howe, Jed, Danielle James, Chris Llewellyn, Jackie Long, Marilyn Millett, Marion, Neil, Terry Parsons, Joyce & Edwin Prescott, Imogen (Shirley Green’s granddaughter), Dave & Gina Taylor (friends of Ruth Oakley), Chas (Shirley Vaughan’s son in law) & Gwen Blagg

* Shirley Boxall is making an excellent recovery from her triple heart bypass operation.

(David Miles keeps in contact with Keith & Shirley)


For the past few years Jill and Sydney Holt have spent time in the churchyard keeping it tidy, trimming the hedge around the Memorial Garden and planting flowers. They have done a tremendous job to provide a pleasant environment around the church building. Unfortunately, as with us all, time catches up and they feel they cannot continue to the same extent as before.

Can you assist by spending an hour or so to keep the churchyard tidy? The grass is cut by contractors and the hedge trimming has also been catered for so it is a case of keeping the mowed area as tidy as possible and fight the never ending battle against the brambles, ivy and tree saplings that self seed

If you think you might be able to help please speak to either Derek Turner or Roger Long, our Churchwardens Thank you


The following are on the suggested shopping list for August

Pasta Sauce, Jellies, Puddings, Washing Tablets, Razors, Juice, Tins of Curry/Chillies & Tins of Stew/Casseroles. These suggestions have come from the foodbank warehouse in Yate.

Thanks to all at St James who continue to support this appeal