The work of St James relies on a community of people who give freely their time, skills, gifts, talents and money in order to create a Christ Centred Church, Caring for the Community. There are any number of ways you can help out, be it in the kitchen at a table top sale and breakfast, teaching at Messy Church or Children’s Church, or behind the scenes. People who give in this way are vital to the work done in the name of St James, we work as a big family –  and everyone is invited to join us!

Giving of monetary gifts is an important part of giving – this money is used for a whole range of purposes, including the simple running costs of the church (gas, electricity, maintenance…), complex projects (see spend a penny), spreading the message of the gospel to new areas, supporting the community, and sending around the world to support our mission links. There are a number of ways in which you can give, these are outlined briefly below.

Plate Offering

The simplest way to give monetary gifts to the church is through cash donations during services, during the offertory. We are able to claim gift-aid on eligable donations; if this applies to you, you may wish to use a gift-aid envelope which requires you to complete some information in order to process the gift-aid. This can be placed in the offertory plate along with other donations.

Planned-Giving Envelopes

Planned-giving envelopes help those who wish to give regularly to the church set aside their weekly donations. You will be provided with a special envelope, one for each week of the year. These donations can also be linked to gift-aid if appropriate. These donations can also be placed in the offertory plate with other donations while you are in church.

Standing Order

Standing orders are a simplified regular giving method, which can be set-up directly with the bank. Like the planned giving envelopes, we can also claim gift aid on standing order donations.

For information on giving using any of these methods, please speak in the strictest of confidence to Roger Long.