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Create 800 Update

by Terrie Smith

The BUILDING: The most noticeable change since the last bulletin is the floor surface tiles having been delivered are laid and the majority of the re-plastering has been completed. It was when a portion of loose plaster was removed from the south wall by the altar that there was evidence of a previous window, which […]

Creat800 Update

by Terrie Smith

We continue to need funds to assure completion of the work on St James and to purchase other essentials such as the chairs. We recently received notification of a 20K award from Garfield Weston, however removing some of the loose plaster prior to preparing the walls for decoration has revealed some cracks which will need […]

Create800 – Update

by Terrie Smith

CREATE 800 Church Reordering Progress 20 August 2019 THE BUILDING Work on the church is progressing very well although, at the time of writing, the interior still looks more like a bomb site than a place of worship. Having said that, most of the essential infrastructure works have been completed, including service ducts, drainage and […]

St James Season of Talents

by Terrie Smith

Last Sunday saw the launch of this appeal and many envelopes were handed out to enable folk to take part. As a reminder or if you were unable to be present on Pentecost Sunday then the idea is that we all invest £10 into something we are good at by using our skills and talents […]

Create 800 – Update

by Terrie Smith

The first contract was signed on 20th May – the contractor will be on site from Monday 10th June, we will be worshipping in the hall from 16th June. There is much to do over the next few weeks – and you may be asking what you can do to help, here are some ways: […]