The most noticeable change since the last bulletin is the floor surface tiles having been delivered are laid and the majority of the re-plastering has been completed. It was when a portion of loose plaster was removed from the south wall by the altar that there was evidence of a previous window, which had been “bricked in. There was no previous knowledge of this window and the general assumption is that the removal of the window occurred when the vestry was built.

A number of relatively smaller works have been completed including panelling to the radiators, installation of door linings and doors, and installation of floor boxes and access panels. We are nearing the end of the work BUT it is so near and yet so far. We are not able to sign the final stage of the contract until the money to pay for it is available.


Still continuing with the total money raised by the “talents” scheme reaching the £7,000 mark. Amongst others the flower arranging demonstration raised just over £300 and the money from the secret auction of show tickets (the total amount is still a secret) will boost the pot. However, still, after over two months of waiting we still wait to hear if the Christian charity “Stewardship” will definitely provide the amount we need to complete the task as delays in us signing that last contract could cost us.