This is the current Resound Food Bank Shopping List –  We will be donating all our Harvest gifts to Resound foodbank, please see the separate Harvest list 2019 and also ensure all donations have a long “Use by” date. Please bring your donations to the Church Hall where they will be collected and taken down to Resound on the last Sunday of each month Thank you.

Chicken in White Sauce, Tinned Ham/Spam/Chicken Tinned Salmon, Pot/Super Noodles, Tinned Spaghetti, Tinned Meatballs, Savoury Rice, Instant Mash Potato, Tinned Tomatoes, Tinned Green Beans, Fish Paste, Twin Sponge Puddings, UHT Milk, (semi skinned & Full Fat), Adult Toothbrushes, Toilet Rolls, Shaving Foam/Gel Shampoo, Nappies (size 4 & 5), Dog Food.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated” Foodbank Co – Ordinators