From Teresa:

“It was agreed at the last leadership Team Meeting and mentioned at PCC that we would have our own Week of Prayer 10th –17th July as we were not able to commit to one leading up to Pentecost.

I have been giving this some thought, a possible template for the week could be:

Monday-Friday Church open for morning prayer, say from 9.30am for about   20 min or so. If enough volunteers, church could open for a couple of hours.

Prayer stations around church to aid personal reflection/prayer

An evening session of contemplative prayer.

Being on a rota to be in church in the mornings

Being part of a prayer walk

Helping put the prayer leaflet together

An evening service of Compline, perhaps two. I have sent an explanatory email to all email addresses as I could think of.

I am free next Thursday 23rd June, and suggest a meeting in church at 7.30pm, to discuss with any who are interested in being part of this week.”  Teresa